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COVID-19 has had a wide range of impacts across the world. In terms of business and commerce, the pandemic has hastened several developments that were thought to be the future of labor until recently. Many of the developments that appeared imminent a few months ago but were still a ways off have finally arrived.

Remote employment, eCommerce, and virtual medical appointments are all part of the change. The impacts of COVID-19 daily have been rapid, broad, and significant. The most immediately important aspect of those effects is that many of them make sense to maintain once the infection has passed.

Coronavirus has touched almost every profession on the planet. It has been a frenetic race to keep up with a tidal rush of illnesses and disease-prevention measures.

  • It was not just governments that were taken off guard; the industry had to scramble as well, which is unsurprising.
  • Despite how quickly technology has advanced over the previous several decades, digital transformation usually occurs at a steady pace.
  • Companies and professions need time to adjust and accept, we gradually come to grips with change, and we all reap the advantages in the end.
  • The difference in 2020 is that COVID-19 did not occur at the same gradual pace that we want when adopting new technology, thus we could not afford to wait.

Are there going to be more difficult times? Go for the clouds:

Commerce and Accounting are intimately intertwined. Accountants are a vital resource in the best of circumstances, but no firm can afford to be without one when things are not going well financially. During times like these, it is even more important to have excellent financial forecasts and real-time revenue data in place. Let us face it, money became scarce during the epidemic, and that effect will linger for some time.

Only the healthiest firms will survive the next several years, if not the next few months. Having the appropriate procedures in place for maximizing resources is an important part of being a resilient organization. The epidemic made it even more important for individuals to work together more efficiently while working from home.

When it comes to financial agility, it also entails interacting smoothly with financial specialists and having access to essential financial data from any location.

The long-awaited digital revolution has finally come — with a snag. That revolution, in reality, has spread to bookkeeping, accounting, and financial forecasting. We’ve had cloud accounting capabilities for a long time. The uptake was modest and steady up to 2020. Some businesses had taken action before this year, while others had not.

That is usually how technological adoption works, but 2020 turned out to be anything but typical, and now we are all here.

What can businesses do to counteract COVID-19?

COVID-19 brought one item to light in particular. When it happened, some organizations were more prepared than others were. Things were difficult for firms that were hesitant to implement cloud-based accounting with everyone out of the office.

When everyone works from home, traditional accounting, methods make it difficult to obtain access to numbers and information. During lockdowns, companies that could still view their financial data had a significant edge. If remote working is to continue after the epidemic, now is the best moment to make the move.

The most important benefits of cloud accounting, and how to obtain them right now:

Aside from the epidemic, cloud accounting is just more efficient than conventional techniques. Because many formerly time-consuming operations can now be automated, there is considerably less data entering. By giving your accountant quick access to the whole picture, you may integrate your bank accounts, invoicing, and other systems and eliminate the need to create reports for them.

  • Every time you log into the system, you may enable precise cash flow forecasting based on a real-time picture of where your firm is. Even a modest cash flow problem may be deadly for a small business, and issues frequently emerge because no one saw them coming. Financial experts may use cloud-based accounting to assist with financial forecasts by spotting patterns, predicting potential bottlenecks, and preventing them before they happen.
  • Provide multi-user access and personalize it so that those who want specific information may receive it. Allow your accountant to swiftly and simply handle payroll and even finance applications.
  • Facilitate effective tax management to avoid unpleasant shocks. Allow your accountant to handle your tax returns, VAT, and filing, and then give your comments on where you may save money or improve.
  • To make your business function more efficiently and expedite revenue collection, use online invoicing. Organizations that utilize online invoicing are also more likely to be paid sooner.

How can you assist your accountant in navigating COVID-19?

When the economy takes a hit like the one we are seeing now, quickness and agility are critical. Survival requires accurate, real-time reporting. It is critical to take advantage of technology that allows for the secure storage of financial data. Having quick and ongoing access to information and sharing it with your accountant might be the difference between going bankrupt and finding new commercial possibilities. Borrowing will become more difficult following the epidemic. For a while, cash flow will be tighter, allowing for additional pressure points and issues.

  • There is not a single small, medium, and, large company that would not profit from real-time reporting via Xero or, another platform.
  • Whether an employee is working from home, on the bus, or in the office, cloud-based accounting data may be accessible from any device.
  • You may also create access restrictions for various users based on the job they hold.
  • For example, you can provide payroll-related data access to those who process payroll.
  • Because cloud-based accounting solutions continually and immediately update financial data, reporting is done in real-time.
  • There are no delays, and your accountant is always aware of your financial situation.

CBM Accounting can help you get started with real-time accounting:

You may be a sole trader or one of the growing number of freelancers or gig workers that sprung up because of the epidemic. Updating your accounts can make your operation more nimble and less susceptible, even if you merely want to put your firm up for better success in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Perpetual, real-time accounting allows your accountant to perform more for you by automating many of the chores you used to undertake while focusing on your business. Get in touch with CBM Accounting now to learn more about how cloud-based accounting is assisting businesses of all sizes throughout the epidemic. Here you may receive a free and fast accounting quote.

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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